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Giving Back to the community that gave to them, brothers TJ and Terron Ward have collectively and successfully paired their passion for all things football. Both having a deep understanding and respect of the need for philanthropy. Proverbs such as, “Each one must be willing to reach back and teach one,” (or)” I am my brothers’ keeper". Both seem to have resonated with the WardBoys. It was these understandings ultimately and collectively, led the WardBoys to give birth to the WardBoy Project.
Growing up in urban San Francisco, CA, one half of the WardBoy Project, TJ Ward learned early in life success comes through hard work and dedication. Conversely, the other half of the WardBoy Project, Terron Ward, embraced the same principles as his brother TJ. Terron, also very passionate about giving back to the game of football what it first gave to him, a safe place. In the community which once molded the brothers, they are elevating the “art of giving back,” to include, but not be limited to, financial assistance to attend the variety of camps and events the WardBoy Project provides. 
Although every single aspect from the game of football has contributed to and shaped the WardBoys into the successful men they are today, their family has equally contributed to their moral and ethical development as well. As the sons of former NFL player, Terrell Ward Sr., TJ and Terron Ward are very fortunate to have received the guidance and development from their father, which ultimately resulted in a strong work ethic and later their success. Through coaching and other programs, the WardBoys would like to instill some of the same lessons they learned along the way into each of the young men and women whom they mentor. 
The foundation focuses on socioeconomic, educational, and physical needs of the young people it supports.
The Wardboy Project emphasizes the importance of education while highlighting physical and mental health in the development of youth leading to successful and fulfilling lives.

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Terron Ward  President

De La Salle High School Class 2010

Oregon State Class of 2014

Atlanta Falcons NFC Champion Superbowl 51


TJ Ward  Co- President

De La Salle Class of 2004

University of Oregon Class of 2009

Denver Broncos Superbowl 50 Champions

Meet Our Executive Director


Conrad Roberts  Executive Director

“As Executive Director, Im committed to being the conduit to inspire the next generation. WardBoy Project is dedicated to instill the necessary fundamentals of success to better the future of our youth. Our focus is to help 5,000 underrepresented students of color and prepare 100 for college by 2027.”

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