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Terrance “TK” Kelly was born on April 23, 1986 in Richmond, California. Growing up TK played sports for various Richmond youth programs. He was a multi-sport athlete of football, baseball and basketball. While TK was more than passionate about sports, TK’s grandmother Bevelyn was adamant about TK’s education coming first. TK’s family worked incredibly hard to put him through school at St.David’s, a private school in the Richmond Hills. Upon graduating 8th grade from St.David’s, TK went on to continue his education at De La Salle High School. Still a multi-sport athlete in his freshman year, it wasn’t until his Junior year that he decided to focus solely on football, Earning a Varsity starting position as a Linebacker and tight-end making him a double threat.


TK embodied what it meant to love a sport; he studied every position as if it were his own, and would play the role needed to ensure the success of the team. At the start of his senior year and season, De La Salle was expected to lose for the first time since 1991. With the absence of the team’s 3 key players, including the two starting running backs, Terrance was called to fill the position. This was the moment he had prepared and waited for, and filled the position in a way no one ever could have predicted. That year, De La Salle remained undefeated while TK went on to earn MVP of the team and many other local, regional and statewide accolades, gaining him national attention and athletic scholarship offers from numerous Colleges and Universities.


Terrance ultimately accepted an offer from the University of Oregon, along with his closest friends from De La Salle. Unexpectedly and unfortunately, TK was tragically gunned down two days before his departure to be Duck. Though known mostly for his athletic accomplishments, TK was more than an athlete. Terrance was a beacon of light for his family and a role model to many of the inner-city youth in the Bay Area. He was loved and cherished by many in the Richmond community where he was raised and by his extended De La Salle Family.


For the incredible person and athletic athlete TK embodied, The WardBoy Project honors  his legacy  by awarding inner-city youth with educational scholarships.

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The Student-Athlete Symposium is an engaging and educational forum created to support young athletes who are dedicated to attaining success in both their chosen sports and their academic endeavors. Aspiring student-athletes, coaches, educators, and pecialists come together for the event to participate in interesting conversations, educational sessions, and networking opportunities. Our goal for this event is to provide student-athletes with the tools, resources, and encouragement they need to succeed in the competitive areas of academics and sports.

We partner with Coach Bobby Bluford founder and creator of Ultimate Muscle Confusion and the UMC Bootcamp.  He has been studying and applying the art of health, fitness, and self-improvement for more than a quarter-century.

Student-athletes' field activities include academic support,athletic training, and personal growth. They entail exercises, drills,and games that foster leadership and time management abilitiesin addition to physical fitness and athletic prowess. Beyond thefield, these programs also include leadership development,mental health support, and community service, creating well-rounded individuals who can succeed in their sport and have apositive impact on their teams and communities.

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The goal for our free WardBoy Project Bay Area Youth Football Academy (Football Camp)  is to provide young players with the opportunity to improve their skills, develop a love for the game, and acquire valuable life lessons when we started in 2017. Our principal objective was to remove financial obstacles, guaranteeing that all families, regardless of their financial situation, could avail themselves of excellent sports programs. When the camp first started, it received an enormous amount of support from enthusiastic young athletes and committed volunteers, quickly building momentum. It was the start of an incredible adventure that would empower young people, encourage a passion for football, and impart important life skills that would help shape our community's future.

The Free Youth Football Camp has developed and grown every year. We've had the honor of seeing participants grow into young people who value resilience, discipline, and collaboration in addition to their development as football players. Professional coaching and mentoring are offered during the camp, and it's encouraging to witness the friendships that form between the young athletes, instructors, and parents who encourage them. Our camp instills well-rounded ideals in the next generation of leaders by emphasising the benefits of academic success, community involvement, and giving back beyond the field. Knowing that the Free Youth Football Camp will remain a vital component of our community's development, self-determination, and cohesion fills us with optimism for the years to come.

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